Ways to Give

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Direct to NBTS

Gifts for research & patient support through the
National Brain Tumor Society

Use the button below to make a direct contribution to the National Brain Tumor Society, in Jim's memory.

The fight against brain tumors is a costly long-term battle and your donation will fund critical research. Our goal is to eliminate the scourge of brain cancer, once and for all.

PFP Swag

Gifts for the NBTS and

your t-shirt drawer

In addition to direct donations (at left), proceeds from the sale of Paddle for Progress tees will be sent to the National Brain Tumor Society as well. Fight cancer and get some cool swag, while you're at it!

We think our logo is pretty dandy, if we say so ourselves...

FYI: The margin on these shirts is TINY. To make the biggest difference, please donate directly AND buy a shirt!

Support the Expedition

Gifts for two dirty hungry guys
paddling a canoe and living in the woods

Ok, we're not gonna lie. There are costs to building and maintaining websites and outfitting for long trips.

While we're working on corporate sponsorship, we'd be super grateful if you'd like to throw a few shekels in the toque, so we could buy some campfire bacon.

ZERO pressure on this one!

If you have questions about the different ways to give, simply reach out to learn more.